Auburn firefighters were dispatched to a bus versus house on Swanson Rd near Homestead Ave. Companies found a bus that was heading east on Swanson Ave lodged into a single family home. The operator of the bus was heavily pinned in the front of the bus. Auburn command, without hesitation called for Worcester's heavy rescue company. Auburn and Worcester companies worked hard with extrication tools to free the trapped driver. Ambulance crews from Auburn, Leicester, Oxford and U-Mass EMS worked to triage all the victims from the accident and transport them to local hospitals. The driver was extricated after an extensive period of time. Heavy duty tow trucks were called to remove the bus from the house and tow it away. Swanson road remained closed as of 9 pm. A tip of the hat to all responders who worked this abnormal type accident in extreme heat and humidity. It was reported the house was shifted at least 7 feet off the foundation.
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