I was enjoying a night out with the wife and kids having a late dinner at Kyoto, a Japanese restaurant in Lincoln Plaza. As we left around 10:00 pm we heard the state police responding to a vehicle accident on I290 at Plantation Street. Since we were around the corner I decided we should take it in. Additional calls to state police reported a motorcyclist �on the deck�. We had gotten there in minutes. State troopers were holding traction on the male operator of the motorcycle. The ambulance had not yet arrived on scene. Carolyn, being an EMT and nurse in training decided to jump out and help until the ambulance had arrived. The motorcyclist landed in the first travel lane prior to the Plantaton Street ramp while his bike continued east and came to rest some 100 to 150 away. The impact from the crash also sent his helmet flying off and landing down the off ramp. Carolyn and another bystander continued medical care and relieved state troopers so they could begin the accident investigation. Paramedics from Worcester EMS arrived and transported the victim to the U-Mass University campus on Lake Avenue with numerous, serious injuries. The accident closed the first two travel lanes for some time while Trooper Marsh of the Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section investigated the accident. Then it was time to head home for some quick decon and off to bed. That was enough action for one night. Hat�s off to my wife for jumping in and helping out. I am very proud of you Carolyn, great job!