Just walked in the door at home around 11:30 at night after work and heard a state cruiser call the barracks on the radio reporting he was on route 20 with a building that was fully involved and there was no fire apparatus on scene. I took the ride to check it out. Companies had heavy fire in a 2 1/2 story appliance store. There was heavy fire showing and commanders called for a 2nd alarm. It took firefighters about 90 mins to bring the fire under control.
sturbridge route 20 fire11.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire25.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire14.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire29.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire21.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire03.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire15.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire31.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire26.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire22.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire04.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire19.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire27.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire28.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire07.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire23.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire35.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire08.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire24.jpgsturbridge route 20 fire36.jpg