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My friend, Jay Senior of Belsito Towing asked me to photograph the line of duty death of 21 year old Sturbridge Service Center tow operator Kevin St Pierre.

Kevin was struck and killed by a passing truck as he was rendering aid to a stranded motorist on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Auburn.

Had the motorist #moveover this senseless accident could have been avoided.

People need to remember when traveling on the highway or any roadway if you see an emergency or service vehicle in the break down lane move over one lane or slow down if you can not move over safetly!

I've photographed a few line of duty deaths and this one was no easier.

There are many brotherhoods, be it the fire department or police department. The towing industry is no different. The thin yellow line stretches just as far as the thin red and blue lines.

On Saturday February 21st hundreds of tow operators show up from New England and beyond to give their brother Kevin a proper send off.

Approximately 231 towing vehicles showed up for a 4.5 mile procession passing A flatbed that would now carrying Kevin to his final resting place.

I captured over 400 images. This is the first installment. I still have more to work on. I will add them once they are finished. Be sure to check back

You can follow the Massachusetts move over initiative on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MassSDMO