Stopped down to Headquarters to see some old group 1 friends tonight. I was invited to stay for supper as well as a ride in the car, should any runs come in. The firehouse meal as great as ever. boneless chicken breasts, wild rice and carrots. Right after the meal a fire alarm came in for A WPI house on Salisbury Street. After the alarm we checked the district and I got a quick history lesson on the Worcester Fire Department. As soon as we returned to quarters a box was struck for 1 Sycamore Street. Companies were told the Fire Alarm office was receiving calls for an apartment fire. First arriving companies had smoke showing. A second alarm was struck for the 4 story brick. The fire was contained and knocked down quickly. As we picked up from the job another box was struck for the McDonald's on Lincoln Street. It turned out to be a false alarm. I also got to meet the new Worcester Fire Department Chaplin, Father Riley. Thanks to Firefighter Bastardo and North End District Chief Sullivan for the ride!
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