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Worcester Firefighters were called to 13 Jaques Ave just before 8pm Friday February 12th. The Worcester Emergency Communications dispatchers started “receiving calls” for a building fire which indicates the likelihood of an actual fire.

As companies approached the scene they could see smoke showing from a distance. First arriving police officers reported heavy fire showing. There were reports of people possibly unaccounted for.

Fire extended to two adjoining dwellings. Subsequent alarms were struck bringing in more firefighters to battle the blaze.

Fire started to vent thru the roof as people from the neighborhood gathered to watch firefighters work.

The fire would reach 5 alarms, which is a rare occurrence.

Two of the tenants passed away as a result of their injuries. One other tenant jumped from a rear porch to safety. Unfortunately he had succumbed to his injuries the next day.

A go fund me has been set up Adams Family Go Fund me

Here are the apparatus that responded.

1st alarm Engines 13,2,4,12 Ladders 3 and 7 Rescue 1 Ladder 2 RIT North End and South End Chiefs

2nd alarm Engines 6 and 16 Ladder 1

3rd Alarm Engines 3 and 5 Ladder 5

4th Alarm Engines 8 and 9

5th Alarm Engines 15 and 11

On the 3rd alarm Ladders from Auburn and Holden cover empty Worcester firehouses

On the 4th alarm engines from Millbury, Shrewsbury and West Boylston cover empty Worcester firehouses

On the 5th alarm engines from Paxton and Boylston, Grafton ladder cover empty Worcester firehouses