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Took a trip into Boston yesterday, Sunday November 27th with the kids.

We went to our favorite place, Castle Island. Always a great place to walk around. It was also Sullivan's last day of the season.

We met up with our good friend District Chief Erik Pettaway for some photography.

As we were walking around Patrick noticed Rescue 1 pulling in. They also took advantage of Sullivan's last day. We took some pics and shot the breeze for a while. Patrick noticed some thick black smoke way across the bay.

We then found it was a 3rd alarm struck for a building on Harlem Street in Dorchester.

We started over that way. While going over the 4th alarm was struck.

By the time we made it there from Castle Island the fire was pretty much out but it was good enough to get some shot as I don't think i've ever been to a 4th alarm in the city before.

Also got to meet some good guys on the job.

We stopped at the Boston Fire Museum before we left the city to say hi to our Boston Sparks friends.
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