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Feb 15th 2016- An extremely busy night for Worcester Jakes.

Phones started ringing off the hook in the Worcester Emergency Communications Center reporting a building fire on Preston Street in the Main South section of the city.

Companies leaving South Division on Southbridge Street were greeted by a large volume of smoke as they were responding.

Firefighters, already taxed from a previous 3 alarm fire hours ago were put to the test again.

Companies arrived to find a typical New England 3 decker fully ablaze. Multiple alarms were struck in rapid succession as there were exposure problems and equipment was not able to be thawed from the previous fire.

Firefighters surrounded the building with big lines as fire blew from every opening in the house.

Worcester Firefighters preformed excellent given the awful weather conditions with extreme cold and as Preston Street became a skating rink.

There were a few concering moments when there was partial collapse of the bravo side of the building near where firefighters were playing big lines into the building.
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Great photo's. I can't wait to see the rest from both fires.
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