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In this gallery you will find photos and video from the escort to the medical examiner’s office in Boston. I was fortunate enough to ride in the lead cruiser for the procession. It was very humbling and yet eerie at the same time to be the only vehicles on what are typical busy roads.

To watch an escort like this on TV is one thing. To be a part of it was amazing and breathtaking. Every overpass and lots of breakdown lanes lined with firefighters, emt’s and police officers that never knew Chris but came to pay their respects. This is what the Brotherhood is all about.

Following the escort are images from the funeral. All line of duty deaths I have photographed are hard, this one was no exception.

I also stopped by every station after the funeral to get photos of all the mutual aid companies covering the city. My hopes are to make a collage of all the cover companies.

All of the images can be downloaded for free. Should anyone order prints from this gallery the proceeds will be donated to the Ava Roy fund c/o the Worcester Fire Credit union.

Please feel free to share this gallery.

Also be sure to check out a guest gallery from Bette Staruk here. More photos
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