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This was from a missing person search in Spencer for Jeanette St Peter on 1/13/2020.

Jeanette went out for a walk in the woods of Howe State Park near her house on Sunday.

This particular weekend was unseasonably warm.

Jeanette never made it back home that night and a search was started.

Monday's weather was much different. Colder weather, which she was not dressed for had set in.

K9's tracked and led to the pond at the park. That resulted in the call for the state police dive team Monday morning which yielded negative results. A drone was flown by North Brookfield Police that had both regular and FLIR cameras.

Monday afternoon Chief Parsons called for a District 7 Tech Rescue Team for a wide area search. Shortly after teams stepped off Jeanette was located a few hundred feet behind her house. She was suffering from hypothermia. She was transported out of the woods by an ATV to a waiting ambulance.

There is a short video clip at the top of the gallery. This clip was purchased by channels 4,5,7,25 and NBC Boston.

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