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Oxford firefighters were called to a report of a building fire at 235 Old Webster Rd, Patriot Environmental.

The fire started in a rear large metal clad building. Companies had heavy smoke and fire showing on arrival. The started with a defensive attack knowing all employees were out of the building and because of the heavy fire load.

The property was outside of the hydrant district which also posed another problem. Incident commanders called in mutual aid tankers to start shuttling water from a near by pond.

Command also called for numerous aerial devices to surround the building and start dumping water on it. It did take some time before a water source could be established. The fire gained momentum spreading to a near by catwalk that connected to a much larger building. The fire consumed the catwalk quickly and started to extend to the roof membrane of main building.

Crews from Auburn gained access to the main building to knock down the fire that communicated to that building. Had the main building become involved in fire companies would have been there for a few days.

Chief Bemis requested support from the Department of Fire Services for the Hazmat team to assist with air monitoring due to concerns with the volume, content and direction of the smoke. A request was also made for the DFS Rehab truck to help firefighters with a climate controlled area for firefighters rest, get hydrated and have medical monitoring done.

The Worcester Box 4 Canteen also responded to the scene as well as a mobile lab from the Mass DEP to monitor water run off and other possible chemicals.

Firefighters remained on scene through out the night and into the morning extinguishing hot spots and investigating the cause and origin of the fire. The fire is under investigation by troopers assigned to the State Fire Marshal's Office.

The photos depicted here were taken prior to 7pm. Once the rehab truck was activated I had to put the camera away and go to work.
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