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Few images from the ground breaking ceremony of the new Leicester Fire Headquarters.

This facility replaces an over century old building.

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LFD HQ ground breaking_001LFD HQ ground breaking_002LFD HQ ground breaking_003LFD HQ ground breaking_004LFD HQ ground breaking_005LFD HQ ground breaking_006LFD HQ ground breaking_007LFD HQ ground breaking_008LFD HQ ground breaking_009LFD HQ ground breaking_010LFD HQ ground breaking_011LFD HQ ground breaking_012LFD HQ ground breaking_013LFD HQ ground breaking_014LFD HQ ground breaking_015LFD HQ ground breaking_016LFD HQ ground breaking_017LFD HQ ground breaking_018LFD HQ ground breaking_019LFD HQ ground breaking_020