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Stopped down to Franklin Street to visit my group 3 friends. I have to stop by once in a while so they don't forget who I am.

They were doing some training with Direnzo Towing. The crew at Direnzo's stopped by to show off their air bags and heavy duty rotator. Direnzo's offers their equipment to assist fire departments at scenes of incidents. They have specialized equipment that some fire departments don't have.

Of course training got interrupted for an automobile accident with entrapment at Park Avenue and Sagamore Road.

I really do not have any specifics on this accident but A Worcester Police cruiser was involved and it was heavily damaged.

Two passenger vehicles were also involved. The jaws were used on one of the vehicles.

EMS called for a total of 4 ambulances.

There is a short video clip at the top of the gallery. The clip was purchased by Boston 25.