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Not a common occurrence in Worcester, the Massachusetts State Police engaged in a pursuit with a Nissan Rogue on Thursday November 10th.

The vehicle and its occupants were the subject of a bolo (be on the look out) out of the Connecticut State Police. The occupants had allegedly car jacked someone in Connecticut, then crashed the car. A mother and her daughter on sighted the accident. They stopped to check on the occupants only to find themselves getting stabbed and their car taken.

A Massachusetts State Trooper on routine patrol in the Auburn area had spotted the vehicle on route 20. He had stopped the vehicle and it then fled from him. The vehicle fled down route 20 towards Worcester. It then took a left up Greenwood Street into Worcester. The vehicle sped thru Vernon Hill Streets then cut over to Grafton Hill.

During the pursuit the suspect attemped to ram numerous cruisers and hit a few civilian vehicle along the way. Some Worcester Police officers on Greenwood Street had to seek cover as the vehicle approached their construction detail to avoid injury.

The vehicle was stopped as it entered a sul-de-sac on Papagni Circle which is off of Franklin Street. The male and female occupants were taken into custody chalking up a win for the blue team!