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Took a fire buff trip to Boston Saturday August 13th with some good friends, a few first timers on the buff trip

We stopped in Winthrop at Cloughlin Park for some plane spotting.

Then to the Italian Express Pizza for dinner. Food was very good and the prices were reasonable. They have been featured on Phantom Gourmet and Diners, Drive ins and Dives.

Stopped on Marginal Street for a look at the Boston sky line and a few photos.

As we pulled up Breman Street next to the firehouse we saw the ladder going out on a run. We pulled out and followed the truck down Sumner Street. Then we see the engine approaching. As we pull over and let it pass both trucks take a right in front of us.

As we pull down the street we hear the dispatcher announce "Striking box 6154, Maverick & London Streets for 41 Liverpool Street. Low and behold we were on Liverpool Street following first due companies in. It was food on the stove but still a good photo op.

Visited Chief Pettaway at Meetinghouse Hill followed by a stop at the Boston Sparks club.

Again, no fire but a great time none the less!
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