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January 4th 2018- As I do every day on my way home from work I was listening to the radios. It was snowing so I had the Worcester DPW on. With as many trucks as they have on the road sometimes they are first on scene at different incidents and that sometimes gives me the extra minute or two I need to get the “first due” pics.

Today was no exception! The Worcester DPW starting talking about a truck on fire on Hope Avenue. They weren’t sure if it was a city truck or not. They were talking back and forth for a few minutes. Now I had never heard fire dispatched to it yet. I was downtown Worcester so I figured I’d start that way. Once I got to 290 I heard fire sent out.

I arrived at the same time as Worcester Police and Engine 15. The truck was a total loss and the drive escaped uninjured. Traffic was routed thru a nearby parking lot.
hope ave truck fire 010418_01hope ave truck fire 010418_02hope ave truck fire 010418_03hope ave truck fire 010418_04hope ave truck fire 010418_05