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April 30th 2016- I got to do some buffing with some old friends in NYC. We missed a fire in Brooklyn but made it to a 2nd alarm in the Bronx.

We stopped at a few firehouses we were nearby. We had stopped at 233 Engine 176 Truck and Field Comm. We got the grand tour of the new field comm that is not in service. I got to talk shop with the members of the field comm.

We stopped at Rescue 2 in Brooklyn. They were out of service as the starter in the truck had let go. They were getting it repaired in quarters. A few members went to pick up a reserve rig.

We stopped at Rescue 3 after the job in the Bronx to visit a friend. Then we stopped at 75 Engine 33 Truck to visit another friend.

As usual everywhere we stopped the firemen were outstanding with their hospitality. Allowing us in to photograph their rigs, allow us to purchase company gear and to shoot the breeze.
Every trip down I always run into someone who has ties to Massachusetts. This trip was no exception. I met a jake who’s son goes to Becker College in town.
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