Few images from a 2 alarm fire in Worcester on Moen Street.

These were all taken at a higher ISO without a flash due to the situation.

I was very pleased with the results.

The male was taken into custody and transported to the hospital.
MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_001MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_002MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_003MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_004MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_005MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_006MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_007MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_008MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_009MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_010MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_011MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_012MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_013MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_014MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_015MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_016MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_017MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_018MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_019MOEN ST 2ND ALARM_11292021_020