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Spencer Firefighters struck 5 alarms for a fire in an occupied frame in the tight downtown area today. Firefighters made a great stop.

The downtown area of Spencer is known for its wood frame houses placed extremely close to each other. Spencer is a call department with a full time chief. As with any small call department manpower is tough during the day as most are away at work. Mutual aid was called in quickly.

Police officers were first to arrive on scene and attempt to remove the remaining occupants of the multi family apartment building. Everyone was evacuated as a propane tank on the rear porch started venting.
There was some extension to an old block construction building that once housed the Spencer Rescue Squad, the EMS provider for town.

Companies made a great stop during this rather hot day. A 5th alarm was sounded for relief purposes.
The fire was under control when I arrived. In this gallery you will see the “working faces” of the companies that knocked this fire down.

There were a few rare occurrences today. You will see them at the bottom of this gallery. Not only were there (2) Mack CF trucks at the fire, but both have ties to the New York City Fire Department. Saint Joseph’s Abbey Engine 1 is on loan to Spencer Fire while they are waiting on delivery of their new engine. FDSJA Engine 1 started life as a caisson for the department and never saw any fire duty in the city.
The other truck is the Leicester Scope. This rig once served 172 Truck in Brooklyn. This truck saw lots of fire duty in the city in its time. A few years ago the boom was taken off its original chassis and replaced on a newer cab and chassis with an automatic transmission.
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