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Here is the completed gallery of images taken after the murder of Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino while on a motor vehicle stop on Sunday, May 22nd in the small town of Auburn Massachusetts.

I had the pleasure of working with Ron when he was on the Leicester Police Department. He was a great guy and excellent, well respected cop.

It was important to me to document this event as it is a piece of history, for both the Auburn and Leicester Police along with his family. It was the least I could do. It was amazing to see the outpouring of support from local businesses and residents as well as Ron’s fellow brothers and sister officers.

First were images taken starting May 23rd When Mass DOT lit up the Kenneth F Burns Memorial Bridge. The bridge has led lighting that can be set to display any color. It had been set to blue after the passing of Officer Tarentino.

Next are Mass State Police radio technicians setting up a communications truck to help improve radio signals in Rochdale for the services to follow.

I spent part of the day driving around Leicester photographing signs at local businesses as they show their support for the fallen officer.

I had stopped at the Auburn Police station before the wake on Thursday night as the procession had left the funeral home. The procession had stopped at Auburn PD before officers boarded buses to go to the wake.

I had gone direct to the church Friday morning and took some photographs outside of the church. It was amazing to see officers from all over the state and different parts of the country. I saw officers from Chicago and NYPD specifically. The Brotherhood came out in droves to pay their respects to Ron.

The graveside services were private but that didn’t stop people from lining Route 56 in Leicester to watch the procession as it proceeded to the cemetery. The Mustang club Ron belonged to lined the street with mustangs as Ron was an avid car enthusiast.

Further up the street was lined with tow trucks from all over the area to show their support for the fallen officer.

Hundreds of police motorcycles lined pleasant st on the way to the cemetery as far as the eye could see.

Ron got the best send off one could get. I know he’s as proud of everyone as they are of him!

All photos in this gallery are available for download free of charge and proceeds from all prints ordered will be donated to the Officer Ronald Tarentino Memorial Fund.

Here is the information for anyone wishing to donate to the fund.

Officer Ronald Tarentino Memorial Fund
c/o Savers Bank
38 Auburn Street
Auburn, MA 01501

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