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Back in October I had the chance of a lifetime. I had the chance to purchase a fire truck. This was not any ordinary fire truck. This was a truck used by the town of Holden Massachusetts. The other great thing about the truck is it is a Maxim. Maxim fire apparatus was founded right here in Massachusetts.
The truck had been out of service for a few years and stored in a heated garage. It was purchased from the town back in October of 2014 and relocated to Rhode Island. I purchased it at the end of October and brought it back home to Central Massachusetts.
The truck is a 1977 Maxim F model pumper. It has a 1500 gallon per minute pump and a 750 gallon tank. It was refurbished in 1997 by the town highway department. The truck originally delivered in Maxim yellow was repainted white over red. They replaced the water tank with a polytank and did body work on the rear compartments.

I will continue to add photos of the rig as time progresses.