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This fire on William Street came in as a central station alarm sending Engines 16, 3 and Ladder 2 to the location.

While responding dispatchers received a call reporting smoke in the building. The box was filled out sending Engines 4, 13, Ladder 7, Rescue 1, North End Chief, South End Chief and Ladder 1 RIT.

Companies found fire in the large apartment building which was built in 1900. Firefighters worked in frigid temperatures at the fire trying to escape slip and falls on the icy hill.

Subsequent alarms were sounded bringing Engines 2, 6 and Ladder 3 on the 2nd alarm. The 3rd alarm brought Engines 8,12 and Ladder 4 to the fire.

The Box 4 Canteen responded to the fire. A Firefighter Rehabilitation truck from the Department of Fire Services responded as well as a bus from the WRTA that was used for warming tenants and firefighters.
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