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Worcester Firefighters were called to Harrison Street tonight for a report of a building fire. Numerous companies had heavy smoke showing while responding. Once companies arrived and did a 360 of the building, they found heavy fire coming from the rear porches and civilians hanging out windows.

As crews were getting ground ladders in place to make rescues engine companies started playing large lines to darken down the heavy fire and protect exposures.

A second alarm was called almost immediately. Companies made an aggressive exterior attack and had most of the heavy fire darkened down in about 10 minutes.

A 3rd and subsequent 4th alarms were transmitted as firefighters were starting to feel the effects of the heat and humidity. Some fire fighters were transported for smoke inhalation as well as heat related injuries.

Traffic was gridlocked in the area as the streets filled up with fire apparatus.

There were also a few civilians transported with minor injuries.

Also to note this was the first fire for the newly established Safety Captains. Each of the four groups has their own Safety Captain who now runs out of Franklin Street. Captain Jones was the Safety Captain working today.

Video was purchased by Boston 25 and WHDH 7
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