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In all my years being involved in public safety I have never seen an accident like this.

I'm still not really sure the turn of events that occurred. A tractor trailer truck travelling down Millbury Street attempted a hard right hand turn onto Vernon Street had cut the corner too close striking an aluminum light pole knocking it down and somehow pinning the victim down underneath the truck.

Ladder 7 responding as a rit company to a reported fire was flagged down as they passed thru Kelley Square. As they exited the rig they had no idea there was someone trapped underneath the trailer. They quickly called for Rescue 1 to respond. Once Rescue 1 arrived and realized the magnitude of the accident they called for Ladder 5, already on the road to respond to use their cribbing. Shortly after Special Operations 1 offered their assistance as they have more cribbing. Ladder 4 responded with Special Operations rig.

Companies worked feverishly to remove the victim, however the victim had succumbed to their injures before she could be removed from underneath the truck.
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