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Around 5 pm on Tuesday February 2nd a plane crashed while on final approach to Worcester Airport. The pilot had radioed into the tower reporting a problem.

Numerous calls were then received by Leicester and Spencer dispatchers reporting a plane that had crashed in the area of 505 Moose Hill Road.

It was unknown the exact location where the plane came to rest. Moose Hill Road is on the Leicester, Spencer and Paxton town lines.

Leicester and Spencer responded to the scene. They were met by Environmental Police officers who were nearby.

The plane came to rest about 20 yards from a house. Unfortunately, the residents were not home at the time of the crash and their driveway was not plowed.

There were some neighbors with snowmobiles that came to assist with rescue efforts. Firefighters were able to tie stokes baskets to the snowmobiles for the trip up the hill which was covered with over a foot of fresh snow.

All 3 souls on board survived the crash as well as a dog that was on board the plane.

The Leicester Highway department responded with a front end loader to plow the driveway to make access easier.

State Police assisted in the investigation with Leicester Police and the FAA.